Day 1: Pinwheels

Last night I made pinwheel cookies. If I had actually thought this through I would have taken pictures of each step all the way to the end.

Like I do in most of my recipes I substituted spelt flour for regular flour, it mostly works, except for in some batters, like crepes. I learned that the hard way!

When I look up a recipe I tend to skip over the ones that involve hours of waiting for dough to set or any kind of significant wait time at all. I love to bake, but I hate to wait! Unfortunately I didn’t realize until I was well on my way into this recipe that there was a 2 and a half hour waiting time once you rolled up the pinwheels. YEAH RIGHT!! In the freezer it went, plus it was 1 am and I wasn’t interested in being up THAT late. If you put something in the freezer instead of the fridge, it’s 1/4 of the time set. Winning! But some of my dough, did break off a little on the ends so I probably maybe should actually suggest that. I don’t use all the short cuts, but some recipes do ask ridiculous things of you I think.

These were pretty fun because I got to use my rolling pin and who doesn’t like that?! I did use a lot more flour on my rolling pin on the plain dough vs. the chocolate dough. It was a lot less sticky. And I floured my counter and pin obviously when putting them all together. I found it a little difficult to get the dough off the wax paper but maybe thats trial and error. I will definitely make these again! Very fun.

These were some of my finished product and I found that baking them for 8-10 minutes actually made them less shortbread and more soft like. Below is the link for the recipe!


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