Day 2: Chocolate Chia Pudding

I have not jumped on all the new trendy health foods bandwagon, but a few have peaked my interest and taste buds along the way. I have been wanting to try chia seeds for quite some time and I figured this was as good excused as any. This has been a big part of my Pinterest searching recently- finding a recipe or something that looked actually edible with this strange looking seeds. I found a really great recipe to quench my summer and chia seed thirst, all I needed was popsicle molds. I asked my boyfriend to pick some up at the store, and this is what he came back with:


While these are all kinds of rad and I’m sure I will find a purpose for them later, I’m sadly going to have to do the popsicles another time.

Anyways, I rarely ever read the actual post prior to the recipe, but this particular popsicle post, which I will share at a later date got me really excited and interested in CHIA SEEDS! PARTY! Ok, so maybe not that entirely exciting.

I have been cooped up in the house all day, from what I will attribute to strep so I will go on and share. Since I got started on this pretty late in the day, I will have to see how they actually taste tomorrow because they have to set for 6 hours. Even though I’m not a fan of long wait times in recipes, I’m not sticking this is the freezer because I have no idea what will happen (creature from the black lagoon may perhaps appear).

I mixed all the ingredients in a big glass bowl and poured into individual mason jars and topped with espresso covered cacao bits, which I realize wasn’t in the recipe, but I have to add my flair somewhere!


*Update*-The pudding turned out pretty well for a first try. It was a little liquidy, but that small part was easy to pour out with a decent size left. It was actually quite good and certainly something I will experiment with again in the future.

One thought on “Day 2: Chocolate Chia Pudding

  1. This was the first time these “chia” seeds found their way into our pantry. Moving forward, I will be much more discerning.
    I would say the best way to describe this noble effort is to harken back to a blissful period of adolescence. One in which sitting indian style in the center of a murky puddle making mud pies and the like are the culmination of a warm summers days festivities. No IPad, no helmet, no gentrification. Not yet anyways.
    Imagine you chose to put your beautuful pie into a chilled mason jar, stuck a large spoon into this crime and began to consume it. It had subtle notes of Bermuda lawn clippings and the satisfying nutty essence of acorns. The finish was far less subtle, I can really only describe it as “choking on a mouthful of cold dirt.” The person that originally posted this recipe owes me and likely the other 2 fools on the planet that produced this nightmare a proper apology.


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