Being out of school these last few weeks for summer vacation have driven me a little crazy. Where I once was so busy I often slept only 3 hours a night on average, was writing 3 ten page papers every few days and I begun to forget what my friends looked liked, now I am free as a bird. Well until mid August when my crazy 18 credit schedule begins once again. Since there wasn’t enough time to get a job…who is going to except someone for a few lousy weeks to contribute to the madness that is retail or bath in a hot tub of noodles (craigslist option). Since these were my options and this was my only real time for an actual vacation in around 2 years, I decided to opt for adventure and freedom.

I had all these grand schemes and plans with what I was going to do with my summer, places I would go, people I would see, but apparently when you have no time for a part time job and your boyfriend is out of work for 4 months from getting hit by a car-it turns out your savings doesn’t grow. It gets quite small actually. So after a few local-ish adventures here and there I have made it to the middle of the summer with little to show for my time besides, trying to make the day to day an adventure. And an epic adventure with a college friend 🙂

So here it goes, this is actually something on my list that I wanted to try this summer. 30 days of Pinterest. Not just recipes but crafts and creations. I will admit that I have an addiction to baking and find that I don’t necessarily really want to eat it all, ok so maybe I do, but I can show a little self restraint! From posting various pictures of some of “my creations” to word of mouth, I have come up with a short list of people I can unload desserts and food onto. I make so much and don’t think my diabetic neighbor needs anymore, although he might may say differently.

I realize a lot of people get so overwhelmed with Pinterest and think it’s some sort of standard to live up to. I guarantee I will make mistakes, be impatient, fail to take pictures of a high quality and be human. I am not Julia Child and this isn’t Julia & Julia. This is me, and I’m certainly not perfect, but I think my best friend not knowingly gave me the push I needed to actually start this. She told me she was actually jealous of how crafty, creative and good at baking I was! I was shocked, if only she knew of all the times thing didn’t turn out right, all the ways in which I had to learn and am still learning.

Obviously, adventure is my favorite word. The adventure begins!

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