Day 5: Gold leaf

I think golf leaf is so beautiful. I saw this post on Pinterest, which is my inspiration obviously and went to Craft Warehouse (which is less than a mile from my apartment, trouble I know). I bought gold leaf and 2 coatings, one adhesive and the other a top coat.


This was originally a project my sister and I were planning to do together but she is in NH for the summer and is a busy bee regardless 🙂

First I applied the adhesive to my large mason jars and waited for it to get tacky, and almost dry. Then I began applying the gold leaf, which is incredibly finicky if I might add. I mean obviously if you have touched gold leaf before it wilts to the touch, although if you know me I have generally constantly sweaty hands so thats probably a contributor, haha!

Apparently this is also something my boyfriend is a expert in as well. He offered to teach me designs but I was really only interested in the basic applying the frustrating gold leaf on the freaking mason jar. He showed me that if you took big pieces of gold leaf, like a whole sheet and applied it you would get less patchy looking work. On the second mason jar I did I used tape to make a border and held it in my hand like the picture below, so much easier to hold!


Not the easiest craft, but really fun and creates beautiful vases. I’m glad I had two mason jars, because well practice makes perfect. Getting ready to apply the top coat now!


The one on the left is my first try. I need to remove some of the golf leaf, I will post an update of the finished vases.

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